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East Coast Injury Clinic – Chiropractor & Neurologist

East Coast Injury Clinic
Formerly East Coast Neuro

Comprehensive Accident & Injury Care

Auto Accident Care Specialist

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East Coast Injury Clinic
Formerly East Coast Neuro

Comprehensive Accident & Injury Care

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About East Coast Injury Clinic


East Coast Injury Clinic is a leading neurology practice, personal injury clinic and chiropractic clinic that provides comprehensive care — including diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care coordination — for patients affected by injury. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, the clinic serves residents from communities throughout the northeastern region of Florida. East Coast Injury Clinic is located in Southside Jacksonville outside of St Johns Town Center and near JTB & 295.

The specialists at East Coast Injury Clinic are highly skilled at evaluating and assisting patients that have been involved in any auto accident, as well as traumatic falls and work-related incidents. Many of the injury patients they see are affected by the post-concussive syndrome, a complex disorder 


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that can cause various long-term symptoms, including headaches, memory and concentration issues, mood changes, insomnia, and balance problems, among others. As a first-rate neurology, personal injury, auto injury and chiropractic practice, East Coast Injury Clinic is perfectly situated to treat the injuries that cause such symptoms.

East Coast Injury Clinic provides a complete range of neurology services, including evaluation and treatment, electrodiagnostic testing to check for nerve damage, Videonystagmography to uncover balance issues, as well as vestibular rehabilitation. The practice also offers injection therapy to help alleviate chronic muscle spasms and headaches.

East Coast Injury Clinic is highly committed to providing personalized, high-quality care to every patient based on the philosophy that patient education and participation are essential to an ideal treatment outcome. To schedule an appointment, contact the office today.



We have over 20 years of experience in Jacksonville. Trust us with your health and recovery.




The latest in cutting edge technology for spinal rehabilitation to improve core stabilization, increase coordination, and improve athletic performance.

Cutting Edge Chiropractic Machine AllCore

We will work with your attorney to provide the best care at an affordable cost.

We will work with your attorney to provide the best care at an affordable cost.

Auto Injury Care
car accident repair

After Your Auto Accident See A Chiropractor In Jacksonville

  • In Florida more than 1074 car accidents happen every day!
  • Auto accident wreck havoc on your body in many ways.
  • Some of these injuries like soft tissue issues take days to show up.
  • But unfortunately you only have 14 days to see a doctor for your injuries to be covered.
  • A great doctor that focuses on the whole-body wellness after your auto accident is a Chiropractor and in Jacksonville East Coast Injury is your local South side Chiropractor of choice

Southside Chiropractor In Jacksonville

Location Is Important

  • Jacksonville is huge, heck we are the biggest city by size in the country
  • When finding a chiropractor and neurologists you need to make sure they are convenient to you to get the best benefit.
  • East Coast Injury is conveniently located off of JTB and 295 and we are your best  Southside Chiropractor in Jacksonville 
  • With easy access and convenient times we will make sure you are able to get the care you need at a time that is fits your busy life.
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"It is a really nice office and you could tell everybody that worked there was happy to be there. Why can't more doctor offices be like this?"


"Great staff here. They explain everything in simple and practical terms. Very professional and caring atmosphere. I would recommend them to anyone."


"The staff there were excellent and Dr Decrece was understanding about my conditions and done everything in his knowledge to help me get better. Thank you all."


"Absolutely the best Dr. And team of staff i have ever used. So thankful for all of them!"


"The office staff is very friendly and helpful with all your needs , they go above and beyond."


"Wonderful staff, relaxing office environment. Will happily return for future visits."


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East Coast Injury Clinic
9889 Gate Parkway N, Suite 305
Jacksonville, FL 32246
Phone: (904) 513-3954
Fax: (904) 212-0223

Stability, Balance, and Coordination


Monday          9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Tuesday          9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Wednesday    9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Thursday        9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Friday              9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday         Closed
Sunday            Closed


  • Top Chiropractic Team For Auto And Car Accidents
  • Highly Reviewed And Close To Baymeadows, Hodges, JTB, & Beaches.
  • Male and Female Doctors On Staff
  • Fast DOT and CDL Medical Exams That Can Be Scheduled Today


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East Coast Injury Clinic, Jacksonville, FL
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