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Jacksonville, Florida – Southside

 Of all the stand-out cities in Florida, Jacksonville knows how to grab attention. Large and in charge, this 758 square mile city is not just the biggest cohesive area of Florida but of the entire contiguous 48 states. The shift from little ol’ Jack of 39 square miles to its current maturity happened in 1968 with a combination effort between this city and Duval County. Ranked by city population alone, Jacksonville also wins with it’s 2,622,525 residents. As of 2017, the city is now known as the most populous of the Southeastern United States!


Originally, the Jacksonville area was inhabited by the largest indigenous Native American group: the Timucua. Apparently it must have been known by the masses as an excellent place to live since way back when! This Native American people group had 35 chiefdoms each leading large numbers of persons. Their land area actually spanned up into Georgia. The French began colonizing the area in 1564 with Fort Caroline, one of the continental United State’s earliest European settlements.

Currently, Jacksonville city is divided into sections, particularly Northside, Westside, Arlington, and Southside (aka South Jacksonville). Each has created its own special tone, enhancing the eclectic draw of the city for residents and visitors. The city further divides into named neighborhoods, such as Deerwood, Southpoint, and Baymeadows. Each area is an establishment, an entity to itself, with excellent services like Jacksonville Florida’s own Chiropractors and Doctors, restaurants to suit any food fancy, and unique things to do.

Jacksonville Deerwood is a fantastic place for a visit or any longer stay. There are two main shopping malls that keep a steady flow of life in and out of the area.  The St John’s Town Center is an outdoor mall, which is a fun day out on the town in our generally sunny Florida weather. There is an indoor option, the Avenues Mall, for rainy days. The Cinemark Tinseltown is a huge reason to visit if none other. This hotspot for leisure is awesome; the CT is a movie megacomplex, complete with very comfortable, stadium-style seating. Their huge screens and up to date movie selections make them a definitely perfect addition to your Southside agenda.

Southside is also known for its riverfront, where many outdoor activities take place. Some claim this neighborhood’s riverfront is the best of all the surrounding area. Outdoor activities that take place in this scenic area of Southside include the annual Jacksonville Jazz Festival, the Gate River Run, Welcome to Rockville, Funk Fest, and the iconic Kingfish Tournament.

Jacksonville’s Southside area contains multiple historic sites as well. The history of the city is rich and deep, setting the stage for foundational moments in the country’s history as a whole. They’ve self-claimed the title of a “melting pot of cultures and races since 1594”, referencing their origin as a home to a great Native American nation, blended into settlements as the European movements meshed into these beautiful lands. Furthermore, historical peremation from landmark moments throughout the centuries into today make this city, and particularly the Baymeadows area, one you simply must visit, and delve into.

Whether for a simple day by the beautiful riverfront, to an appointment at your local chiropractor, or on errand for shopping and more, Jacksonville Southside is sure to help make any agenda an excellent success.

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